“Spontaneous and compelling storytelling that tugs at the audience’s heart strings and renews hope not just in young people, but in their close ones and everyone who works with them.”

“One of the most compelling presentations I’ve ever attended in my career as a professor.”

“Mitja has great energy. His speech includes jokes that are relevant to our generation and does a great job involving the public in the discussion. I’d love to see more events like this and I hope Mitja speaks at our school again.”

“The speech gave me goosebumps and the strength to finally go after my goals.”



Uncertainty. The plague of modern times. We all deal with it, but I was drowning in it. The hardest part of my story has passed. Psychosis, OCD, depression, anxiety, neurosis, anger management issues, morbid obesity. All of these were monsters that I slew years ago. But one problem remained – one which plagues us all. The veil that obscures our futures. Constant, rapid change, unsteady employment . . . challenges which, unlike those I faced in the past, happen to all of us. I lived with my father for two years. Learned so much from him, yet I always had trouble conforming to authority. Two free spirits in one small house . . . a recipe for an explosive chemical reaction. Uncertainty, conflicts. I knew I wanted to rule my own destiny, but I didn’t know how. The fire in me spread. Anger, frustration . . . so I did what I learned to always do when consumed by anger. I slid into my running shoes, stepped outside, into the hot sun, took in a breath of fresh air and began to run. Sport is incredible, my mind always loosens up when I run. My thoughts cleared up and the veil that hid my future only seconds ago lifted.

I realised that the paths ahead were never hidden, I simply didn’t want to look forward, because I didn’t want to see how much work and effort it would take to get the future I wanted. My options were as clear as the bright, sunny day around me. I could either become a good for nothing leech, or slave away in an exploitative, unfulfilling job . . . or I could step out of my comfort zone and become my own boss. Stop hiding who I am and put the problems I faced in the past to good use. Tell the world about my victories against those problems and the invaluable lessons I learned through my struggles. Motivational speaking is my calling. This option was the hardest, but it was the only real option for me. As I fought with my own mind at first and then fought in martial arts, I now fight for my future and the brighter future of those in need – those who fight the kinds of demons I slew in the past. And everyone else who needs a push to fight for what they want and never stop biting until they get it.

We live in a world in which people are afraid to speak up about their problems. We’re pressured to hide them, because everyone else does so. Yet obesity and mental health issues are a growing problem in many places around the world, because ignoring a fire doesn’t make it go away. Instead, the unattended fire spreads. I don’t care what haters would think, as it is my moral duty to step on the stage and show the world that talking about our problems is no reason to be ashamed. It’s a reason to be proud. I’m here to show the world that even the biggest problems can be solved, the highest goals reached, and the biggest changes achieved. I’m giving the world what it needs and in return, I’m gaining the ability to be my own boss and create a happy future for me, my future family, and everyone who shows up at my speeches. These are the things I want in life, so I see no option, no possibility to not be fully dedicated to this business.

The top of the mountain isn’t close, but it’s clearly visible and I’m constantly making progress on my path. I keep one eye on the top, so I don’t forget my why and the other below my feet, because any long path is made of individual steps.

I’m here to guide others on these treacherous paths as well. You too can hear about my full adventure through this challenging path and learn all the methods I used to fight the monsters, problems, and obstacles I came across, because I’m honoured to present my speeches to those who invite me.

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