While my path was difficult, my speeches focus on positivity. I want to show people that you can overcome seemingly impossible problems, even if nobody, not even professionals, believe that you can. My presentations are designed to both inform and inspire, with a healthy mix of emotionally-charged and motivational storytelling, combined with scientifically-backed information, with some humor sprinkled in for good measure.

My speeches can be 45, 60, or 90 minutes long. They are backed up by a Powerpoint presentation. I adjust the contents before every speech to suit the audience (age, education, specificity of their problems …)

Mental health is something everyone should think about. Not only because 38% of the EU population (more than 1 in 3 people!) suffer from mental health problems, but because even those who aren’t mentally ill would benefit from being informed about it. Mental health can be improved even if one doesn’t suffer from a mental illness. Not to mention, while people have different predispositions, a mental illness could potentially develop in anyone, especially in a fast-paced world in which our brains, bodies, and biology in general struggle to keep up with rapidly developing technology, shifting culture, and changing expectations.

Everyday stress, a lack of time for sleep, constant distractions, “tests” of our self-control, body image issues and issues with self-esteem in general, loss of close ones, uncertainty of one’s economic future . . . all of these are related to mental health and we all deal with a number of them. I believe that a better understanding of mental health and ways to improve it, which is what I wish to spread, would be of great help when dealing with such challenges.

Furthermore, mental illness is unpredictable. If we aren’t well-informed, we could easily miss early warning signs of it in a friend or loved one, or simply deny the existence of symptoms because of stigma.

I feel it is my moral duty to break the misconceptions about mental illness, fight the stigma, and help inform the world of not only how harmful obesity is, but how incredibly beneficial sports can be and show people that it is possible to beat both obesity and mental illness, even simultaneously. Overall, my message is that even the most terrifying challenges can be overcome with willpower, perseverance, and an intelligent approach.

Mental illness and obesity are two terrifyingly common problems in today’s western world and my mission is to help people fight both, as I have beaten them in my own life.

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